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ICMDA conferentie Berlijn

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Een ICMDA conferentie voor studenten en junior artsen van 3 tot 6 oktober 2024. Registratie is mogelijk vanaf 1 mei en de plaatsen zijn beperkt, dus wees er snel bij! Alle informatie is hier te vinden. Het thema is:


We want to create a space where you can have a personal encounter with God. Let us challenge ourselves to strengthen our relationship with Christ by redefining our priorities. He is our foundation - from his power we live and work.


Let us learn from each other and become a mutual encouragement across generations and countries. Be encouraged by doctors from all over Europe sharing their personal experiences and visions in challenging lectures and seminars.


We want to strengthen long-term networking on a European level. We aim to multiply our impact as Christian medical. So let us get to know each other and share our perspectives and ideas.

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